• The coating perfectly complements the dragee centre. Therefore, the original taste of the almonds, nuts, fruits and liquid fillings will be highlighted.
  • We only use raw materials of the highest possible quality.
  • Together with you, we develop individual dragee creations according to your needs.
  • We know the secrets of more than 300 different raw materials.
  • Long standing supplier relationships ensure highest quality levels.
  • The highest quality ingredients, refined according to our wishes and recipes, create a delicious and special taste.
  • All dragee compositions are handmade by our experienced and motivated employees.
  • Quality awareness in all processes ensures the unique quality and outstanding taste experience.
  • Our focus on achieving the highest quality standards can be seen through our numerous technical accreditation certificates.


Before being coated with chocolate, all almonds and nuts are roasted in a traditional and special way, partially over an open gas flame in a copper kettle. This creates their special and incomparable taste.

As we continuously strive to improve our quality standards, we have decided to delete peanuts from our product range and have thus eliminated a considerable allergen from our production site.


Our handpicked and selected almonds are traditionally roasted in copper kettles over an open gas flame. Sugar is added during a continuous stirring process so that the almonds are evenly caramelized. A repeated roasting procedure creates the unique taste of the fire roasted almonds which is characterized by crunchiness, fine roasted flavor and a pleasant sweetness.



By completely coating our selected, high quality fruits with finest Belgian chocolate, we can guarantee that their aromatic taste is conserved as long as possible. In the case of freeze-dried fruits, the coating helps to maintain their crunchiness.